Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Top Android Apps for Students 2012

WikiDroid app is a free app to browse through Wikipedia which is a complete encyclopedia in the internet and to check all it's contents. So WikiDroid is a very important app for students. With this app you can browse Wikipedia content and do all research related works on Wikipedia.

Google Docs for Android
Using Gdocs for Android you can access your work using any Android device. Also you can use the app for organizational purposes.Using Gdocs for Android you can create PDF from your work, access your files, share you files and import and export any documents from desktop. You can also print direclty from Google Cloud to any printer that is connected to internet. Google docs app is also available in Windows Phone app store. So whether you are using Nokia PureView 808 or Galaxy S3 it wouldn’t matter. This app will always be with you.

Droidscan app is a free app to take screen pictures using android smartphones built-in camera. It then saves them as high resolution documents mainly as PDFs. The app acts like a partial document scanner. With this app you can convert your captured screen into .jpeg or .pdf format all of them at a high resolution.

Class Buddy – The Student Planner
ClassBuddy is a very important and useful app for students to organize their classes, studies, homework, and more. You can input all of your, classes, due dates and exams, studies, exam test scores, and marks in one box. You can also keep reminders of exams and when you have to pay your fees. You can also export files to any email or sync with google docs.

ShareYourBoard is a free ap with which you can simply take snapshotsof white board in classrooms and share it with your friends. This app is very popular among students in US and UK.

Cash4Books Scan & Sell Books
Cash4Books is an app to make money from your books by selling them so that you can manage your finances. After getting the payment students can invest it till they have to pay the next fees. It could be an investment in Stock market or in Bank. Cash4Books will pay you the money for old books through paypal or you can even order a check payment. You have to send the book to address listed on the Cash4Books app.

CoursePro is a good app for students on course, who don’t like the use of calendars or to-do lists in purpose for tracking the assignments. CoursePro helps you to easily track all the assignments, work thet you have finished, work that is to be done, and even analyse your academic performance as a student.

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