Saturday, July 7, 2012

What did you expect from Unity 6

Unity 6 is the Next release of Unity ,Unity is a Desktop Interface used in Ubuntu Distro,most efficient and powerful Desktop environment.Many rumors are started to flying over our heads i recently read from a blog that Unity 6 will have Rhythm Box Radio support,it support online music ,FM stations and more.But according to Ćukasz Zemczak he said that :

We plan on releasing the first proposed 6.0 version of unity around this week. Although currently there are not too many new features implemented, mostly bug fixes.
in replay to a Question related to Unity 6,Above statement lighten that Unity 6 fix most of the existing bugs,and they are more bothered about it's stability.But we can still hope for new Rhythm Box lens in upcoming updates.
Unity 6

Most probably Unity 6 will release at the end of this week or beginning of next week.He wrote replay on July 3 2012 ,4 days ago from today.Today i checked for Unity 6 in launchpad net but i didn't get installable software.Current stable updates is Unity 5.12 i already had.

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