Monday, July 16, 2012

Unity 6 source code release

Unity is simple efficient desktop interface for Ubuntu.Ubuntu moved to Unity from Ubuntu 11.04.Unity is used to save Desktop space.Unlike other Desktop Interfaces unity has unique features like Dash board,Unity lens,Unity launcher.We can easily add our favorite apps to Unity launcher.Unity Lens is used for easy access to Recent apps,Folder,Apps ,Music etc...We can add custom lens along with default.Two type Unity available Unity and Unity 2D ,but both have lot of internal differences .

Current Unity version is Unity 5 which is similar to previous versions but more stable and Bugs free.Unity 6 is new to Unity family ,and a new series.Latest source code for Unity 6 is  now available in launchpad. Unfortunately,i don't know how to install it from source code,but there are methods available to build it from source code.I will give you link to download Unity 6.Try yourself and send me result.I will add link to the deb file as soon as possible.

Unity 6

Download Unity 6Unity 6 sc

Update -Unity 6 Replay from (unity)
Adolfo Jayme Barrientos proposed the following answer: Well, there are already .deb files for unity 6.0 [1], but it is a release only for Quantal Quetzal, the Ubuntu version currently under development. Unity 6.0 won’t be released for Precise, so you’ll have to upgrade to Quantal if you want to test it. By the way, it does not contain significant new features, it’s only bug fixes—as of today.

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