Friday, July 27, 2012

Ubuntu 12.10 alpha 3 released

Ubuntu , famous Linux distro , have  released  third alpha version of  upcoming Ubuntu 12.10 .Ubuntu 12.10 is also called Quantal Quetzal.Ubuntu 12.10 add a number of minor changes on it.One visible change is it's New session menu and Nautilus .Ubuntu me and Sessions are combined and form a new one,this save some space on bar.Next change is in Nautilus which add new icons on it ,and add a Gear button on the right top of the Window.This Gear button is used to  open New Windows,to Connect with server and so on .Ubuntu Update Manager is renamed as Software Updater which is find on Settings Window.

Ubuntu session menu

Changes on GNOME are unfavorable , and it is not suitable for Ubuntu theme.We know that Ubuntu theme has black color on it's Window border , the new Nautilus theme doesnt sync well with the ubuntu theme. Upstream changes to the Nautilus file manager have caused theming issues with the default Ubuntu theme, but the developers expect to have these fixed by the time the first beta release of 12.10 arrives at the beginning of September.If we ignore this everything else is working fine.Improved speed.

Ubuntu 12.10 alpha 3
Ubuntu 12.10 with new Nautilus change 

Ubuntu 12.10 has used Kernel 3.5 , next stable release of Kernel.Current stable release is Kernel 3.4.6. Libre office 3.6.2 RC is added  with  Ubuntu 12.10 which is very fast compare with it's predecessor ,it took only less than 2 seconds to load ,

Libre Office 3.6.2 RC
Libre Office 3.6.2 RC version -faster and simple 
Latest Python 3 ,Mozilla Firefox 15 , are also added with New Ubuntu 12.10.Radio buttons also changed ,In Ubuntu 12.04 we had round radio buttons but when we come to Ubuntu 12.10 there are some slight changes on it .check below image.

We don't recommend you to install it on your computer.Alpha and Beta versions may have bugs which will affect your PC's badly.Download Ubuntu 12.10 and tested in Virtual Box or make Live USB disk.Final release of Ubuntu 12.10 is scheduled on October 18 ,2012 .

Download Link for Ubuntu 12.10 alpha 3

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