Thursday, July 19, 2012

Nokia sold 4 million Smart Phones in the Last Quarter

Nokia, leading brand in India (Behind Samsung ,not now) sold 4 million Lumia phones in the World . Lumia 900 and Lumia 610 has more demand than Lumia 710 and Lumia 800. Major issue with Lumia phones is that it does not support external memory cards. Many People turn out from Nokia Lumia because of this. How can we store all our HD videos and songs in a limited space provided by the smartphone. The space of 32 GB is not a enough space to carry everything. This would push people to buy Android and Apple I-Phones (Lets take a look on iPhone 5 specifications). But latest reports say that Windows Phone 8 will support external memory. We can add 32 GB or Higher memory card in Latest Lumia phones. Nokia has not yet announced the name of the new Lumia phone which runs Windows Phone 8, but the CEO of Nokia said that First Windows Phone 8 would come with Nokia. Let’s hope so.

Latest economic results are not in favour of Nokia as their net loss increases to 1.7 billion compare to a last year. It also reports a 39% loss in smartphone segment. On the one side we find Nokia losing its customers and on the other side we witness Microsoft improving its share from 0.4 to a stable 1.9% with presence of Windows Phone. In the coming months this number is expected increase because New Windows Phone 8 is coming. Current Lumia phones are not upgradable to Windows phone 8 but they will get a Windows Phone 7.8 update which help to move Windows Phone 7 home screen to Windows phone 8 home screen.

Windows phone 8 home screen is funny and useful and we can customize size of tales which is not possible in WP7. There are lot of feature available in WP8. We will discuss with you soon via

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