Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mozilla Firefox 14 released

Mozilla Firefox, the 3rd major browser in the world released latest Mozilla Firefox today. Mozilla Firefox 14 is more stable and powerful than Mozilla Firefox 13. You can browse websites using Mozilla Firefox 14 faster than other browsers. Mozilla now provide secure browsing for all Google products, which will not share anything to other sites so that you can browse without any tension. There are no visible changes in Mozilla Firefox from its predecessor.

Mozilla has enhanced HTML 5, CSS 3 and Java support. Synchronization between Mobile device and PC is now possible.

Mozilla Firefox 14
Mozilla Firefox 14

Download Latest Mozilla Firefox 14

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Abhishek Prakash said...

"It browse web browser faster than other browsers."
What is that? And why so many formatting errors... no space after full stop? Are you even proofreading your posts?

Admin said...

No friend.This is a quick post i made in minutes.So there are lot of errors .I will correct soon.Thanks for comment

Abhishek Prakash said...

Being a blogger, I can understand the urgency to write a post. But being a bit cautious is always good :)

M.M. Enterprises said...

Wow what a great & nice update regarding Mozilla Firefox-14, i like your work, thanks for sharing useful info.

Admin said...

Thanks friend!


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