Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Microsoft Bing is going to Redesign

Bing is a popular search engine which  has been getting lot of attention due to the  latest updates.It is the first Search engine that  add results from Twitter,Facebook etc..Google only give results from It's own Google plus, but Facebook and Twitter are more popular than Google plus.We know that most of latest news , Incidents,crimes,Bomb Blasts or other natural disaster are first spread through Twitter or Facebook before any Electronic(TV,Online Newspaper,) or Printed medias.If we consider this, Bing is more useful than Google.

Today Microsoft announced  Bings latest update.Foursquare is now integrated with Bing search engine which is available on the new side bar (at the right side of the window),Side bar is a new feature in Bing which will show you  Tips and Recommendation's  from Foursquare . Unfortunately this new service is limited in US but it available everywhere within weeks.

What is this new feature and How it Work 

Foursquare is a Location based social networking for Mobile devices like Phones and Tablets.We can find peoples in the same location ,check in .

How it Help in Bing 

We search many things like Locations,Hotels,Cinemas etc... Foursquare will give public tips and recommendations from it's user bank .As we already says it is location based social networking site,so tips and recommendations on the side bar is from local peoples and not from entire world.It offer a trusty ,useful results.

For Example if you search " Foreign Cinema" in Bing  In addition to photos from my friends and reviews from bloggers, I now see public tips from foursquare users in the ‘People Who Know’ section in the sidebar.

latest Bing search engine

These results are from real users and not from any software's used in the search engine data base.This result's (On the side bar) will change according to the locations ,if you search from India you will get tips and recommendations from nearby users if you are searching from US you will get Tips from near by users.

source : Bing community blog 

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