Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jitsi Free Open source VoIP and Instant Messaging software

Jitsi is a free ,open source software for Messaging,Chatting,Audio Video calls.It also has Conference calls like Skype.Why we choose Jitsi ,because it is free of cost and it support Facebook,Gmail,Yahoo,ICQ,MZN and more.Encrypted Video /Audio calls make ensure your privacy.Jitsi written Java programming language this enable them to use same code in different platforms like Windows,Linux and Mac.

This software consider to be a Alternative of Skype ,upto some extent it is true ,but it lack some features of skype such as Phone calls. Skype give super Quality sound and Video but we can't expect this in Jitsi. But Jitsi have it's on features,stylish interface,easy settings and more.

Main Features of Jitsi 

-Desktop sharing 

We can share our desktop with our friends.We need Jitsi in both end for Desktop sharing.

-Conference calls

Like Skype it also support conference , we need Yahoo or Google account for it ( MZN and other services are supported)

-Chat/Instant Messaging/Video/Audio chatting 

We already know , and already seen in many softwares

-File Transfer 

File Transfer between PC's

Android ,iOS versions are also available


Jitsi video calling

Jitsi chatting

Download Jitsi for Windows/Linux/Mac

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M.M. Enterprises said...

Very cool & nice info regarding Jitsi software it very nice software according to Skype, i like your update, thanks for sharing free link for downloading.


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