Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How to Install Stack Exchange Unity Lens on Ubuntu

Stack Exchange lens is a powerful search tool for Ubuntu.It will give answer to all of your Search Queries within Unity Dash.Here we will help you to install Stack Exchange on Ubuntu 12.04/12.10.Unlike Wikipedia lens it will give answer from different websites.After the installation click on Ubuntu menu and reach Unity Dash.Then You can see a Question mark icon on the bottom of Unity Dash.Click on it and start searching.

How to Install Stack Exchange Lens 

1. Add the ppa to your source list:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:iccode/staclense

2. Update apt:

sudo apt-get update

3. Install it with:

sudo apt-get install stacklense

4. Log out and log in again, check Unity Dush for an icon with a
question mark (?).

How to Search?

Stack Exchange Unity lens
Stack Exchange search

<your keywords><space>~~<stackoverflow/ askubunut /anywebsite>;


Ubuntu  ~~askubuntu;

You must type ";" at the end otherwise it won't work

If you have any Questions ask me!

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icCode said...

wow my first ubuntu powered app got a blog post!
thanks for sharing it!
stef k


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