Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How to Install Custom icons Manually on Ubuntu

Installing custom icon sets on Ubuntu is not a difficult step.Some people's have been seen Ubuntu in a new looks.There are lot of Transformation packs are available but i think Unity is more beautiful than other Transformation packs.When i had Ubuntu 10.04 ,10.10 i was usually installed Transformations packs on my computer,you can read it from my old posts.After releasing Ubuntu 11.04  am still happy with Unity.Cinnamon is also a good interface for Ubuntu i had tried it a few week ago,but i don't why i hate Gnome.I want to know that how many of you like Gnome 3 let me know!.Any way today we are going to change Ubuntu icons manually.For this we need Gnome teak tool

How to change Ubuntu icons manually

1.Install Gnome teak tool

Open terminal .Enter 

sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool

2.After installation create a .icons folder in Home folder 

Enter this code 

mkdir ~/.icons
or simply 

mkdir .icons

For Example:sibin@sibin-Ideapad-Z570:~$ mkdir .icons.You must on Home folder.To see Newly created .icons folder ,Goto Home folder and press Ctrl+H(Which is used to show hidden files and folders).

3.Download icons set from externals site.You can consider gnome-look.org for downloading icons.gnome-look.org has 1000 of icons.

4.After downloading extract icon folder and copy folder.

5.open .icons folder and paste it (ctrl +H to show hidden folders)

6.Open "Advance settings" from Unity Dash board.

Advanced settings
Advanced Settings gnome teak tool

.icon folder and custom icon sets
Elementart and tron icons

In this way we can install custom icons.If you want a Video tutorial you can ask here.

Tron icons sets

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