Thursday, July 26, 2012

How to Install Android OS on your PC

Android is a very popular Mobile Operating system in the world.Now it has around 56% share in the Mobile World.Android is popular because of it's interface and thousand of free apps.Android Phones are cheap compare with Windows Phone and iOS ,  so many people prefer Android over other OS.Latest version of Android is Android 4.3 Jelly Beans which add lot of new features including Google voice search ,faster performance and so . Here we are discussing about How we can install Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich on your PC ,32 bit or 64 bit PC what ever you have you can install it on your computer.But i prefer average or higher PC.

This is not a Direct Installation,We need Virtual Box software for it.Virtual Box is used to Install Linux,Mac on Windows PC's and Vice versa.

Download Virtual Box software here

Download Android x86 for your computer

If it didn't work please follow this website.They add 3 more files

Watch this Video -It will give installation instructions

Ask Questions if you have any?Feel free to ask

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M.M. Enterprises said...

I am daily user of this website as there are lots of information and list of websites. Thanks and keep it up.

Admin said...

Thanks for your comments

Chris Shaver said...

I am so pissed at whoever uploaded this "corrupt" file. Yanno,time is one of those things that once somebody wastes it,it is just gone forever. Thanks for wasting my time.

Anonymous said...

Download Virtual Box software here

link dead !!!


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