Monday, July 30, 2012

How to check whether the sites you visit daily contains virus/malwares

Thousand of Website born Daily for various purpose. New Websites , blogs , forums and a lot more.  Some people start website or blogs for revenue purpose , some for sharing information and some for selling there products. Internet , the web . open a wide possibility for marketing , with the help of Social media sites they can interact with there customers , they can solve there problems via these sites.  But every good side have an equal and opposite side , the bad side of internet , thousand of site has been creating for stole data's and personal profiles . we call it as Phishing , Phishing site is a site that can stole your Email ID and passwords. If you login with these sites with your Email ID's and Password , the administrator of these sites can see your Email ID's and Passwords , they can use it for any purpose , may be they can access your Datas, Office , Bank data. So Keep away from these sites .

Malicious sites , another category of sites , these sites have malicious or virus scripts , when you load these sites this virus will spread in your system through web browser , it affects Web browsers badly. Use Internet Security software to find this type Websites.Many of them have Antivirus software's on there Windows PC , But if you are Linux user you may not. Here we are telling about a Website that can scan any websites on the Web , It can scan any newly created Websites that harm for us. 

Scan Websites using 

Check Malicious websites using Sucuri
Sucuri SiteCheck

After scanning a Famous Cricket Website in Kerala , India 

Sucuri scan result

Other Benefits of Using Sucuri site Checker 

You can see When Google was visited your Sites , You can know how many links are going away out from your Websites

Visit Sucuri SiteChecker and try it using your Websites/Blogs

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