Monday, July 30, 2012

How to Add Beautiful Watermark on your Pictures

Adding Watermarks on Pictures is for security and protection.It also give an identity to your Pictures.If you add watermark on your Photos , People can easily find Who took this.I like Photography and am a Freelance Photographer , i am used to upload Photos on Web.Usually i add Watermark to show my Identity.People visit my Personal blogs because of Watermarks.I add my websites name as watermark , this could help  other people to find me on  Facebook and Web.Many software's available to add watermark but BatchMarker consider as the Best Software.


Batch Marker mainly used to add Watermarks on Photos , it is simple and efficient. We can add Text or Custom logos / images as Watermark.We will explain How we can add a Beautiful watermark for your Photos.

1. Download Trial version or Full version of Batch Maker ( 5 MB)

2.Install it

3.Open your Batch Marker

Add File or Folder

File:  To add watermarks for each Photos
Folder:To add same watermark for all pictures in the folder , batch watermarking.

Click on image to enlarge
Batchmarker- Same Watermark to all Pictures
How to Add Watermarks 

 To add watermark for a single Photo , select file from Add Image , for Multiple Photos , first create a new folder and add all necessary photos , then select that folder .

1.Add Copyright: Enter your Name or Website and select any of this, Copyright, Registered, Trade mark , symbols are available.

Select Text Options and Effect:  Change font, size, color, opacity  , Anti aliasing.

2.Add watermark text  : Enter your Website address or Facebook profile address or anything you want.

Text Option and Effect: Same as above

3.Add Logo / Image : Add Logos or Custom Images , Samples are available.You can change it's Opacity.

4.Add Date /Time : Enter Time and Date.

Text option and Effects as same as above

From the Right side of your Window , choose a out put Directory and Select output format

Then save.

Batchmaker is a Simple software for Watermark all Pictures within seconds.You can add Custom Logos in your Photos.

Download Batchmarker

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