Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How Mozilla can change your Mobile Phone

Smart Phone segment dominated by Apple iOS and Google Chrome.Though Microsoft's windows phone entered the Smartphone phone world it didn't make a big impact as expected,same thing happened for Blackberry OS.Blackberry 10 release shifted to next year due to Economic crisis.In this situation Mozilla have to check there luck by announcing there new Mobile Operating system B2G.Mozilla B2G is a complete new Operating System which entirely different in concept and features.HTML5 is the brain of this OS.Applications for Calling,SMS,Camera ,Web Browser are written in HTML 5 language which is a new concept.In Other OS's Most of the applications are made in Object Oriented languages like Java and C++. Mozilla had said that they are using HTML 5 to unveil the underlying power of Smart Phones.HTML 5 will make your system faster and stable.HTML5 applications require less computing power than other Java or C++ applications so Manufactures can make cheaper SmartPhones with low power processor's.Interface is similar to exiting OS's ,it has some features of Windows and Apple iOS,it also uses square icons more clearly it look like Magazines in which height is more than it's width.

Mozilla Boot to Gecko Smart Phones-Magazine like icons

B2G Smart Phones will available in early 2013 in Brazil.Cheaper smart phone has high demands in Brazil followed by India.Mozilla want to make an impact by making Cheaper smart phones that will attract middle class peoples.Samsung prove this by Galalxy Y Smart phones,best seller in all Indian markets.

Alcatel will make first B2G Smart Phones for Mozilla.First  B2G mobile phone use Snapdragon processor's which is used in almost all Windows Phones.We don't know how they can make changes, we need to wait until release.

Mozilla uploaded a B2G mobile phone Video clips which shows everything

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Wow it is very nice & good News for smartphone launch by Mozilla, i am waiting this phone, thanks for sharing nice info.


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