Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Has Mozilla released its test version of Firefox OS?

The Firefox just got hotter! 

We were given a taste of an early version of the OS, brought to us by non-profit group Mozilla, last week.The mobile OS will make its way to phones and builds also available for Linux, Mac and Windows. What’s more, it will take on giants Microsoft, Apple and Google as it does so. The open source web browsing company wants to get into other areas as it has seen a drop in its revenue when it struck a deal with Google to make it the default search engine for all Firefox users. Chrome is the most popular web browser going around. It seems only natural that Firefox enter the mobile marketplace. It is widely believed to be the platform for innovations and experimentation and Mozilla hopes its presence in the market will create more space for open source software and web standards.

To this end, the company announced its mobile operating system ‘Boot to Gecko’, also called Firefox OS, in collaboration with ZTE and TCL Communication Technology for manufacturing purposes. The initial versions will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and big names like Sprint, Smart, Telecom Italia and Telenor have already committed to offering Firefox OS devices, another boost for Mozilla’s plans to expand mobile networks.

Developers can use the builds to run their WebApps and testers can launch instructions found on the Gaia/Hacking site, if they have a user id. The company hopes that the feedback received will help them tackle bugs and write cogent testplans. What we can expect is that it will continue to be open source and will not have ‘native apps’ built especially for this OS.

HTML5 will allow developers to build apps that will run on any OS, thus keeping with the spirit of sharing that the company is known for. This could be a game changer especially seeing how users might like something different to the selfish apps of Google and Apple that run native apps only on native platforms. What’s more, we can look forward to competitive pricing for the many millions of users who will experience online, mobile telephony for the first time in the years to come.
Mozilla Smart Phones
Mozilla Smart Phones

Mozilla hopes that its OS will offer something unique to users and industry veterans and ordinary folk who have looked on with dismay as Android has ridden roughshod on all other players in the growing market of smartphones, can indeed take heart from this good news. So Mozilla’s move to not take on Android or iOS directly, but instead focus on technology for web development can be seen as a clever one.

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