Friday, July 27, 2012

Facebook launch recommendation bar plugin for Websites and Blogs

Today Facebook launch Recommendation bar beta for Web sites and Blogs. Recommendation bar  display related/Recommended Post on the bottom of your Blog/Web site.We can shift it to right or left,it depend upon you.We already saw many recommendation bar plugins for WordPress sites.For Blogger blogs it is quite difficult but Now Facebook make it easy for us.Currently this social plugin is in beta stage ,we hope that Final release may happen soon.We are waiting for it's final version.

Recommendation bar 

This Image shows how it look like.It will show your Random posts.So you will get more page view when people hit links.

You can test this social plugin on Facebook developer page.We have tried to install it on our blogs but it shows some error ,we are waiting for  tutorials.

Click here to know more :Recommendation bar on Facebook Developer page 

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