Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dell is planning to produce Ubuntu Ultra books for Developers under Sputnik project

Dell is one of the best Computer Manufacture, they produces computer's for different categories,Alienware for Gaming ,Vostro for Business ,Inspiron for day to day life.Dell's ultra book series is named as XPS series ,they are thin and powerful powered by Intel i5/i7 processor.Most of XPS products run on Microsoft Windows.Sputnik is a 6 month project which primarily for making Ubuntu XPS 13 ultra books.according to Dell this Computer is for Developers,who make Web based applications.

Idea behind Sputnik project is making a Developer friendly Ubuntu Laptops.This project includes:

Dell XPS 13

  • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS loaded on a Dell™ XPS 13 Ultrabook™
  • Distro augmented by the necessary hardware drivers and a basic set of tools that support building, testing, and producing web and mobile apps
  • A library of profiles, such as Ruby and Android, to quickly set up your development environments and tool chains
  • A tool chain that supports DevOps workflows from the client to the cloud

Sputnik project mainly target on Web developers who use Internet as there main platform.There are some differences between actual Ubuntu 12.04 and Ubuntu 12.04 for XPS 13,which is now available for testing.Size of this special Ubuntu is more than 1.5GB  which also contains many drivers and updates for Dell computer.

it includes:-
  • drivers/patches for Hardware enablement
  • a basic offering of key tools and utilities (see the complete list at the end of this entry)
  • coming soon, a software management tool to go out to a github repository to pull down various developer profiles.

Ubuntu 12.04 for Dell XPS 13Download

Dell and Canonical had faced 3 major problem with XPS 13 , Brightness issues ,Touch pad issues and WiFi issues but they have solved all problems.Details are available in launchpad website.Advantages of this project for us is Dell require testers for project and they will give  Brand new pre loaded XPS 13's for testing.Application form are available here.Click on Application form link

Application form for XPS 13 

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