Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Best Online Photo size Reducer Web Sites

Quality and Size of Image is very important for a Web Designers.Users want quality but size is crucial for developers.When size increases it would take much more time for the site to load.Generally people hate to wait for long time. For SEO keeping the website loading time at minimum is very important.There are lot of softwares available to reduce size but in Linux there are no good softwares available.Professional Image Editing software need some technical knowledge and these are unfamiliar for Ordinary basic users.

Linux users can use this  online software to reduce size of images.Here we will take a look at some Online websites that reduce the size of images without affecting it's quality.We don't need any technical knowledge just upload image and select width and height and also Quality.Simple and Very funny.

1.Image optimizer-www.imageoptimizer.net

One of the simplest and useful website i ever used.This is the output and you can see how much they reduce.Eventhough it is a good site there are some draw backs.We can't select Format.We can't change it from PNG to JPEG or from other to some other.


2.Web Resizer-http://www.webresizer.com

Web Resizer give more options to edit our Photos.In which we can set Quality,Sharpness Width and more.
Options like monochrome,contrast,color saturation,exposure make it more useful.Border effect will give a good frame for your Photos.

This site is enough for simple works like resizing,bordering,



Another Online Image optimizer ,Which help to reduce size and Dimension's of your Photos.There  is 3 options Good,Better,Best which determine the Quality.Best does't means best Quality,you will not get original Quality after editing.Look at the picture size reduced to 20K and actual size was 82K.

4.JPEG Reducer-www.jpegreducer.com

This is unique in this list because all above websites give only one output but this give more than 10 outputs in different size and in different Quality.


64 x 64 size
125 x 125 size
100 x 100 size

90% Quality less compression -78% smaller in size
75% Quality
50% Quality
10% Quality Maximum cmpressions

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