Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Apple will make Ipad mini to defend Nexus 7 and Microsoft Surface

Tablet  is a mini computer with touch interface and Apple is the only company dominated in this field.Other companies like Samsung ,Asus has lot of tablet models nevertheless they can't reach with Apple.The only things  made Apple different from these companies is they make both Hardware and Software,they have full control over there products.Due this Apple tablet has good Quality and Performance.The other factor for High Demand is there Brand name ,Steve Jobs give a good brand name for his company.But Now Apple is in a critical state ,one thing is Samsung reached first place in Smartphone segment and Microsoft and Google announced there own Tablet.When these product reached in the Market more people will buy because they know Microsoft and Google.Another thing is these tablets are cheaper than New Ipad,so people will consider it before they buying a Tablet.

Apple iPAD mini 7 inch Tablet

Ipad Mini tablet is the answer for these critical situation.Apple will launch a smaller version of ipad in late 2012 during Holiday season.Tech sites rumored that screen size is limited to 8 or 7 like Google Nexus 7.Ipad mini will not have Retina display it will be removed to reduce the cost inorder to fight between Kindle fire and Google nexus 7.

BlackBerry Playbook and Kindle fire has high Demand in the market,these are cheap but  powerful.Blackberry slice down 50% of it's price and Kindle fire cost only $199.Both device has 7 inch Display.With IPad mini Apple can make some impact.

Apple Ipad mini will have A6 processor,Operating System may iOS 5 or iOS 6 we give more chance to iOS 6 ,Because Android Jelly beans is started to Disturb iOS5 in terms of Google search and Flexibility.Many tech sites said that Google search is better than Siri ,Google search is more responsible than Siri.Unlike Siri's computer sound Google Search is more closer to Human sound.Google search is efficiently utilize Google search result but Siri use Google,Yahoo and other sites to get Answer.It is more clear that Google search is better than Siri in terms of Search results.More Faster.....

Apple should need a new version for Siri we hope that iOS 6 will have New Siri but Apple yet not confirmed it.We Hope that Apple iPad Mini Can kill Nexus 7. 

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M.M. Enterprises said...

Wow What a great News from Apple launch mini Ipad, i like your News because Apple is world reputed Company his product is very useful & nice, thanks to sharing useful info.


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