Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Facebook is planning to Redesign It's Photo service in the coming weeks

Facebook  always want to change. Last year they introduced Facebook Timeline for  users , new and useful change to find old updates . App center another new feature on Facebook. Facebook is always change to get more customers and to keep existing customers with Facebook. Upcoming change on Facebook is in it's Picture service.They will redesign Picture page soon.Check image below , it shows current Facebook page for pictures /albums.

Current Facebook Design
Current Facebook picture page

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How new Design look like 

New Design has some similarities between upcoming Microsoft Windows 8 Metro Desktop.Pictures are showing like Metro Tiles. Look below

New Facebook page for Pictures/Albums 

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chandan said...

Thanks for sharing...Yes after the release of google+ facebook is now very active in updation of various functions.

Admin 7chip.com said...

Google + is now growing faster than Facebook , there are lot of interesting things like Event,hangout and more. Facebook need some new features.

Web Design Company said...

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