Monday, July 30, 2012

Facebook Messenger Finally come to Windows Vista and Windows XP

Facebook Messenger is similar to other Messengers like Yahoo and MZN but only for Facebook.Facebook Messenger allow us to chat with our friends , status updates , to see  notifications and friends requests.It automatically load along with  start up and connect with Facebook.You don't need to load Facebook on the Browser.You can do anything , Writing, Reading , Watch movie , and Facebook messenger will stick on your right side of Desktop.

Facebook Messenger  

Supported- Windows XP,Windows Vista ,Windows 7 and Windows 8
-Easy access to Facebook
-Chat ,Notifications, Friends Requests and search
-Good for Professionals and other's who use Facebook in Working Time
We can  stick Facebook on the very right side of the screen ,you can open other Windows without overflowing Facebook Messenger.You can continue your works and also Facebook.

Facebook for Windows XP- Stick on the right side of Desktop
Click on it and stick on your Desktop
This Button help us to Stick Facebook on Right side of your desktop.You can continue your work without going away from Facebook.It will make other Windows to adjust with Facebook Messenger.Check the First image.PDF reader Window is adjust with Facebook Messenger
Facebook for Windows XP

Download Facebook Messenger


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The Geek Solutions said...

dude, this is giving an error. This cannot be installed on Windows Xp

sibin xavier said...

It worked on my Windows XP SP3 machine !


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