Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Yahoo AXIS New Face of Searching

Yahoo ,One among the first few search enginesof the web ....has launched its new service called Yahoo Axis.Yahoo axis is an Image based search and  not an Image search engine.Yahoo Axis shows search result as an image preview of websites unlike  just a link in Google search.You can select any website from the result .After browsing that particular site you can visit another website without going backward to the result page.All results are still available in bottom bar.Just scroll you mouse wheel to get more results.There are Right and  Left navigation buttons  on the right and left side of the browser window.This used to visit Next and Previous result.

Yahoo Axis search bar/Panel

You can see this bar at the bottom of your browser.Just put your mouse pointer on it and click on the bar.Then you can see all the result.

I search about Apple Iphone 5 then result come like this.You can scroll your mouse wheel to get more result.Results look like images.

Yahoo Axis search result

Yahoo Axis search 
You can select other search results from Bottom panel.

AXIS can better be experienced on Tablets ,MobilePhones or a PC with Touch Monitor .The two left and right "arrows" help us to get other websites in the result.

How we can install Yahoo axis 

Yahoo Axis is not a software,it is only an extension .This Extension available for all major browsers like Chrome ,Mozilla,Internet Explorer  and Safari.After installation you can see Yahoo axis bottom panel.Enter your search key word and search it..It give a good experience  to you.You can bookmark everything to Yahoo bookmark page.All bookmarks will available in your Yahoo axis page.Just click on Home icons on the Axis bottom panel.

Your Axis page will look like this

Yahoo Axis Home page

Download Axis Extension
Yahoo! Axis

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