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Windows 8 Release Preview Review

Windows 8 ,upcoming Operating system release it's last Preview called Release preview on June first week.This preview is a improved version of Windows 8 consumer preview.There are lot of minor changes.Boot splash screen changed and now it is more beautiful and simple.If your system consists Windows 7 then you can see it after Windows 8 booting.Ones you select your older Operating system the system restart and you can access your Old Operating system.Installation of Windows 8 is quick and simple only took less than 25 minute on my Lenovo z570.

In Guided Index Partition you need DVD Disk to install fresh Windows 8 on your System otherwise it will shows "Windows unable to install this Partition due to GPI disk.So write Windows 8 ISO file to a disk.Windows 8 release product key is open to all,if you didn't find it from Windows site you can use this key


After installation it will restart several time to setup system settings.There are only slight variations from Windows 8 consumer preview.More options to customize your Metro Desktop,more colors and more patterns available.

Windows 8 come with New Internet Explorer 10 faster than IE 9 ,it also has a Metro Internet Explorer for your Metro Style Desktop.Software center add more applications with number of free and demo apps.

In Windows 8 release preview Microsoft add a new feature called "Tiles" .Which allow you to clean or clear Metro Tiles history ,like cleaning Firefox,Internet Explorer Web history.Many new Tiles added while some old deleted.New Sports news Tiles added.

Game is excellent in Windows store ,Large number of Windows and Xbox games available in Windows store ,some are free and some paid.

Download Windows Release Preview Here

New Updates 

When we had used WIndows 8 Consumer Preview version there were only few software.But now things are changed Number of software's increased.Microsoft add a number of free software's and demo versions.So we think that when it originally launch there will enough software for you.

Above image shows some free educational apps.Windows add some new categories to Software center/Apps store.They are

1.Business Apps
2.Book- updated
3.Spot lights
5.Social apps
6.Entertainment news and apps for metro
7.Photo viewers and editors
8.Music and Video -Not Players ,apps for online Music and Video Stores
9.Sports apps-Euro 2012 metro application
10.Book and Reference
11.Weather and climates
12.Health and Fitness
13.Food and Dinner
14.Shopping apps -Online Shopping apps
15.Life Style -Apps for Online Shopping
16.Travel and Tourism
18.Productivity tools

Microsoft add around 6 or more new category to it's apps store.Currently all available software's are metro applications.Download free and Demos

XBox Game Store

Xbox is Microsoft's Game console ,Now we can download Xbox games via Windows 8 Xbox store,also can download games for Windows 8.Currently all Windows 8 games are causal games,But we can download main stream games like Resident Evil 4,Hitman ,GTA etc ..for Xbox.
Windows 8 Game store

Metro Video and Music Player

Metro Desktop has a Video player other than Windows media player 12.This Video player has only few options.

1 Play and Pause button
2.Forward and Reverse
3.Time bar

This Video player look like Video player in IPad or IPhone.

Windows 8 Video and Music player

The Video and Music player look like this.Only a few option.Music player and Video player are same.Same player used for both purpose.We can says that it is a true copy of IPad player.Anyway this is good for Windows 8.

I  like Windows 8 because there is a all in one messenger.This messenger support all accounts like Facebook,Google,Yahoo etc...But response is quick it take a few second delay when compare with ordinary messengers.

People -What is new -Me 

This apps allow to find what happened in real time.We can add Twitter,Facebook and other networks.Then we can see all updates from these network in a single page.I found this apps as very helpful one.Because am a blogger and i want to know all new updates.Thanks Windows team.


Settings option is more clear now.Because we can do all Settings in metro can see a "Gear" icon when you move your mouse pointer to bottom left.Almost all settings like Windows updates,User settings can be done.For advanced settings you need to go "Control Panel".

Why Windows 

Windows 8  is a next generation Operating System that has Dual desktop and Dual applications.This OS is suitable for both Tablets and PC.But both versions are different.Microsoft says that there would be 3 different Windows 8 - Windows 8,Windows 8 professional and Windows 8 RT for Tablets.

Price Issues 

Windows 7 Home basic cost around 4K in India.But Windows 8 cost only 2K or 3K.Microsoft reduce the price.This is possible by Windows store. Some amount of revenue from Windows Market place  is used to reduce the price.

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