Monday, June 18, 2012

Watch YouTube Without Buffering in slow Connection

YouTube is the only Video site that has millions-billions users daily and daily millions of uploads and downloads.Buffering is the main problem while watching videos.In Broadband and other high speed connections we can watch videos without buffering even in HD formats.Slow connections make buffering in YouTube.To avoid buffering in slow connection YouTube introduce a new technology called YouTube Feather- a lite version of YouTube.It avoid many general tools from YouTube and made it a fast website.Like/Dislike button became lite and also comment box become simple ,no share and other features.

Main Difference from Ordinary YouTube

Simple comment box
No share and add to buttons
No Video status details
No Like/Dislike counter
Less number of related videos on side bar
Optimized Player

YouTube feather-lite version
YouTube Original

How to use YouTube lite version

1.Click here to Enter YouTube Feather Bete site 

2.Click on Join beta

3.You can use Original YouTube version (look on First image,you can see a blue box,)

"You are viewing this on a lightweight version of
 the video page. Go back to the regular video page?
Just this once | Permanently"

Click here and use Original version

This new lite version is useful for portable devices like Mobiles and Tablets.Most of the Mobile Phone and Tablet have limited internet speed via 2G/3G Network.High speed 3G network only available on metros and not available on rural areas.

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Ahsanul Karim said...

wow....its a great information you share to watch YouTube video without interruption

M.M. Enterprises said...

Wow so nice & very useful post about Watch Youtube without Buffering, it is very informative post thanks for sharing.

Buffering Video said...

These tips are helpful in avoiding slow video buffering problems. I would also suggest to remove third party tool-bars to fix this issue.
Here is also some helpful material:

(AKS)cluSivE said...

Read this article and find out the tricks to watch video listen audio without buffering


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