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Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal beta Review-:Fresh look on Quantal Quetzal

Quantal Quetzal is the  name of a beautiful bird found in Mexico and also name of upcoming Ubuntu release Ubuntu 12.10.Ubuntu 12.10 daily build has no visible changes from Ubuntu 12.04 LTS  main release,but internally there are many changes.

First and major change is in kernel ,Ubuntu 12.10 has Kernal 3.4 generic version where Ubuntu 12.04 has used Kernel 3.4.Kernel 3.5.1 is not a stable release is currently under development (Current stable release is Kernel 3.4.2).We hope that Ubuntu has Kernel 3.5 when it originally come out.because 3.5.1 is the current unstable version.

Size more than 700 MB

Size of Ubuntu 12.10 is more than 700MB ,724MB for 64 bit and 722 MB for 32 bit PC.But final release will have less than 700MB and you can use CD's

Python 3

Ubuntu 12.10 will replace Python 2.XX and add Python 3 version.It is more powerful than old Python 2.XX

These are some of the major difference from Ubuntu 12.04

Ubuntu 12.10  System informations

Gnome 3.5.1 Gnome 3.5.1 used in Ubuntu 12.10 daily build version.Final Ubuntu 12.10 release will  have Gnome 3.6 

Firefox 14 

Firefox 14 is shipped with Ubuntu 12.10 daily builds,but we can expect Firefox 15 on Final release.Firefox 14 didn't had any new features compare with Firefox 13.

Look at the image Firefox 14 has a classic theme.

Additional Driver package added more Hardware's like Nividia Ge force ,Intel HD drivers and other Audio and Graphics drivers.So you will get good graphic support on Ubuntu 12.10.They automatically search your additional hardware's.

Movie Player

Latest version of Movie player is 3.4.2 but you need to download gstream plugins to play videos and musics.Canonical not shipped  third party video plugins along with Ubuntu.Mplayer is seemed to be good Media player.You already use M player then you didn't need any extra information's.

Rhythm Box Music Player

Default music player on Ubuntu 12.10 ,which support a number of Internet radios and also support a number of Music stores over internet.Inorder to play your music ,first download third party plugins for mp3.I like this mp3 player because it support a number of college FM stations.

Video and Music lens in Unity

It helped you  to search your favorite Music and Video files over internet,it will shows list of Videos /Music files available in the internet.Currently they support only a few Video sites like YouTube ,TED.But we hope that in near future they will support all Video sites.

Ubuntu Music lens shows the result
Ubuntu Video lens shows result

Download Ubuntu 12.10 Daily build(live)

Issues on Ubuntu 12.10 Daily builds 

No battery indicator: We didn't see Battery indicator on Ubuntu 12.10.Below image shows that there was no Battery indicator on the task bar.

No Battery indicator 

Frequent Bugs Windows 

Everytime after booting it will shows error's on the Desktop.It shows "Ubuntu 12.10 experiance some internal failure send bugs report".It also continue during your sessions.Some time it will not close windows.When you press exit button it disappear but it come back after a few seconds.

Ubuntu 12.10 bugs
Ubuntu 12.10 bugs report

Canonical now more focused on stability than new features, this continue in Ubuntu 12.10.There are no visible changes from Ubuntu 12.04 LTS but there are lot of software changes whihch we mentioned above.It used latest version of Unity and Gnome 3.5.1 version ,this may be the reason why Ubuntu 12.10 has more speed.But still there are number of bugs available.Please not that all daily build versions has lot of bugs, all of these bugs  will removed or solved in the  Final release.

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