Saturday, June 2, 2012

Install Google Publishers toolbar on Chrome to know your revenue

Install Google Publishers toolbar on Chrome to know your revenue

Google chrome have number of applications for various activities.There are many helpful apps for Bloggers (Wordpress users). Google Publishers Tool is a application for checking your Adsense account without visiting Adsense Website. This app will show.

1.Todays earning ,
2.Yesterdays earning
3.This month earning
4.Last month earning
5.Custom channel

This app will give all information you want.So we think that it is a good application for you.We know that Google adsense site is very slow.if you have slow connection it take several seconds.We will show some images.The Google Publisher Toolbar gives AdSense publishers two easy ways to access real-time information about their accounts and the ads that are served on their websites.

Main advantage is It show real time information's related to your account.Every second you will get real time updates.This app has a simple interface only take a few seconds to load.Anyway try it we think that it really a helpful tool for bloggers and website owners.

Install Google Publisher Toolbar for Chrome

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M.M. Enterprises said...

Wow what nice update about Google Publishers Tool, thanks for sharing good info.


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