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How to Solve Error:File System missing grub rescue error after Installing Ubuntu 12.04

How to Solve Error:File System missing grub rescue error after Installing Ubuntu 12.04 

This one of the issue we faced for a long time.This problem arise due to many reasons.It may due to Damaged Grub boot loader or due to Directory.If Boot loader installed on different  Hard Disk or USB Disk other than your Ubuntu installed Disk ,this problem will arise.In our computer first one happened.We installed Ubuntu many time and delete Ubuntu many time.Our computer has Guid parttion index(GPI) which is available in all new Computer's.This partition is good because all Boot loaders ,Windows or Ubuntu will installed in a particular part of the Disk.So you can remove any OS without affecting other.In ordinary computer after installing Ubuntu,it Grub boot loader will replace existing Boot loader (Windows or other Linux Boot loader).So you need Ubuntu to access your old OS.If something happened to your Ubuntu you won't be able to use your old Os.But GPI partion there is no problem like this.

Ubuntu Errors!

After Ubuntu 12.04 Installation we face a fatal message "Error:File System missing ,grub rescue",We have thought  about why this has  happened ,at last we got solution.I want to share this tips with you.

1.First we Used Ubuntu 12.04 Live USB Disk to run Ubuntu Live

2.Open Disk Utilities

Select your main Hard Disks.If you have 2 Hard Disk select one where you want to install Ubuntu

3.From this click on your EFI Partiton

[image credit:7chip--Click here to enlarge]
Disk Utities-Brown color shows EFI System partion

4.Mount it and Open that Partition

You can see 3 folders ,Open EFI folder ,Delete Ubuntu folder from it

5.Close and unmount it

6.Click on Ubuntu installation icon and install it

7.Select a Partion to install Ubuntu

Install Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

8.Select  your EFI partition (Probably sda 1 if you have single Head Disk ,sdb is your USB Disk) to install Ubuntu boot loader.

9.Install it

This method help if you have Damaged Ubuntu boot loader

This error may happened if you select a different  Hard Disk to install Boot loader,select same hard Disk for installing Boot loader

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