Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How to Remove "People you May Know" from Facebook

"People You May Know" is a Facebook modification to add more friends in your friend list.These peoples might be a friends of your friends or they also studied or has been studying in your college.But most of the Facebook users said that we didn't like this ,if we want friends we would add them.

I hate this features because most of peoples are unfamiliar to me,may be there are my friends friends ,that not a reason to add them in my friend list.There are many methods available to block or remove People you may know from Facebook.But i found this method as a usable one.This method can be applied to both Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome, but for Opera and Internet Explorer this method won't work.This extension/addon not worked with Internet Explorer and Opera.

Facebook Home Page before  

Facebook Home page

People You May Know

How to remove "People You may know" from Facebook

Mozilla Firefox users 

1.Install Adblock plus 

2.Enable it, restart your web browser 

3.On the bottom you can see a red Adblock plus button

Adblockplus button on the bottom bar

4.Click on it 

5.Click on "Filter Preference" in the list

Adblockplus window

6.Click on Add filter

7.Enter this code on it 


Enabled it

8.Load Facebook again 

Facebook page without People you may know

For Google chrome users 

2.Click on Adblockplus button on the address bar 

3.Click on Easy create filter

Select the parts you want to hide.Select People you may know .Put your mouse over "People You May Know" box ensure that entire box is  coverd.Then click on the right mouse button and select add.
Restart your Google chrome or reload your Facebook page.

This two methods work only if Adblock plus is enable ,if you want these stuffs back disable or remove these addons and extensions 

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