Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How to Install Mozilla Firefox 16 in Ubuntu 12.04 and Linux Mint

Before  Google chrome ,Mozilla Firefox was the King among  Web  Browser's ,But unfortunately Google Chrome pick up this position from Mozilla Firefox.Google chrome has more useful features than Firefox and has a new version within a month. Google chrome become popular because of Google and it's Thousand of apps.Anyway Mozilla also have frequent new version ,one new version in every 3 weeks.Now it is the time for Mozilla Firefox 13.It has a redesigned home page.New Home page consist of a beautiful search area and a bottom panel. Bottom panel have link to  Download, Bookmarks, Sync, Settings and more.

Here we have Firefox 16 Nightly version ,about 12 weeks remain for Mozilla Firefox 16 final version.Now it is in Nightly channel.After 3-4 week it enter in to Aurora channel then beta channel then Final version.Rapid release just like Google chrome.Because of this rapid release they forget to add new features but they look only on the stability and speed.Mozilla Firefox 16 has no new features except "Responsive mode" in the Web Developer tools.We can resize the page and perform a cross check for every sites.

Installing Firefox 16 on Windows and Mac is simple because ,exe and .dmg files are available.But for Linux only tar.bz2 file is available.Installing tar.bz2 file is also simple we will help you.

1.Download Latest Mozilla Firefox Nightly version

For Windows 

Mozilla Firefox 16 -32 bit

Mozilla Firefox 16 -64 bit

For Mac 

Firefox 16 for Mac

For Linux 

Firefox 16 for 32 bitDownload

Firefox 16 for 64 bit

2.Download tar.bz2 file

3.Extract  the file

4.Open /opt/ folder from File System

5.Open Terminal

Enter following codes

sudo rm -r /opt/firefox

Enter your password.This is used to remove any file in opt folder

6.Open /opt/ folder

Open your Home folder

Click on "Top Arrow" as high light in the picture."Goto the parent folder".Click twice or more until you root folder.

Open 'opt' folder

Click on Tools and select "Open current folder as root"

Copy Extracted "Firefox" folder to newly open Windows( After selecting Open current folder as root).

Then return to the terminal window

Enter following codes

sudo mv /usr/bin/firefox /usr/bin/firefox-old

This will move current firefox folder to firefox -old folder

sudo ln -s /opt/firefox/firefox /usr/bin/firefox

This will move Firefox (from opt folder) to Firefox (usr/bin) and install new Firefox After that close all windows and open Firefox ,Firefox check compatible addons and open Firefox 16 window.

 If you have any questions regard to this just comment below,i will answer all your doubts? Thanks

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