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How Technology Has Affected Human Growth

How Technology Has Affected Human Growth

One of the things that man has not been able to wrestle against is technology. There is enough evidence to show that those who fought against technology have lagged behind in life. Technology has affected our lives in so many different ways. Other than the way in which we communicate, technology has influenced business growth and even procreation. This article discusses into detail several ways through which technology has affected human expansion.


Thanks to continuous development in ICT – Information and Communication Technology, humans have been able to reach some of the areas that were once considered remote. This in turn has led to development of infrastructure in those areas thus, minimizing rural to urban migration. Because of technology, one no longer needs to leave his or her homeland in order to pursue education elsewhere. Things like distance learning and online education has been enabled as a result of technological development.

Through the internet, one can enroll for an undergraduate or masters program in a different country. This in turn has led to the development in those areas as the knowledge gained is invested back into the local communities.
Business growth
Perhaps one of the areas that has hugely benefited from technological advancement is the business sector. Before the inception of the internet, one had to travel for more than 100 miles looking for markets for his or her products, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa. As a result most people, particularly farmers begun to abandon their farms looking for alternative employment in the cities. But this changed with the coming of the World Wide Web.
The rural areas were open up to several urban areas for business as governments begun to invest heavily on internet infrastructure. Today farmers are able to find markets for their produce by simply making use of apps installed in their mobile devices. As such, farmers are not seeing the need to travel for several kilometers looking for markets when they can simply link with suppliers through their mobile phones. The result has been development of rural areas which has seen the population in those areas rise by a huge margin.
Business men can also communicate with relative ease with their counterparts in other countries thanks to technologies such as video conferencing.
Human expansion is mainly influenced by education. Through the internet, schools in rural areas and in developing countries can learn more about emerging technologies as well as modern trends. Prior to the development of the internet, student exchange programs were quite popular. However, students can now learn more about the cultures and ways of life in a different country through the internet.
Distance learning and online education have also been made possible thanks to the internet. Students can now pursue courses that are not accessible in their countries without the need of traveling to other nations. This in turn has led to a sharp decline in the cost of education.
Population growth has also been influenced by the internet in that couples can easily find children to adopt from other countries through online adoption agencies.
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As such, farmers are not seeing the need to travel for several kilometers looking for markets when they can simply link with suppliers through their mobile phones.

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