Thursday, June 28, 2012

Facebook Introduce new Feature "Go to Timeline" on the Chat Window

Facebook today introduced a new feature on the chat  called "Go to timeline" icon.You can visit your friends Time line using this icon.I like this feature because we can simply visit there Time line and can read all updates from Time line.It is not an important update from Facebook nevertheless it is very useful When people whom we don't know try to chat with us, we can click on this icon to reach their timeline and find out who they are.

Facebook Timeline icon
They also introduce another feature called Voice on the top bar.You can easily shift between your Facebook    profile and your Facebook fan page.This feature only available to people who have Facebook fan page and Facebook profile .

Facebook voice
You can Post,comment using your Fan page profile or simply using your Facebook user profile.This not available to all users.Voice feature only available to people who have Facebook Fan page profile and Facebook user profile.This work only in your Facebook Fan page not work with other fan page or in upur profile page.

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M.M. Enterprises said...

Wow nice & good info, for facebook, i like your update, thanks for sharing good & useful post.


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