Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Facebook has Acquired

Facebook ,Social Network giant previously acquired Israeli firm announce this on there is used recognize faces from Photos.This will helped Facebook Photo already has applications on Facebook.Photo tagger is the main software  developed by ,Celebrity finder is another software developed by which used to find Celebrities on Twitter.

Facebook acquire facedotcom helped Tagging and recognization on Facebook .This company scan all Photos uploaded on Facebook using there own automatic software's.With help of cloud we can access there service on Mobiles and Computer.They make product for both Web and 's technology is used in Facebook for Users to tag their own photos quickly and easily, and discover photos of themselves and their friends that they never knew existed.

This application has been available on Facebook,It will automatically scan all Pictures and Find Pictures with Faces.For example if you upload a Donkeys photo it will not recognize anything but if you upload your photos it will detect that is used to detect human's faces among your uploaded photos.It help to tag these photos.

How Use on Facebook
Photo Tagger

How to Photo tagger 

Select your or Your Friends Albums
Photo Tagger

It automatically find Faces of your friends

You can use Tag all or Individual Tags.Ones you give tag all to a Particular friend, he will tagged in all pictures if he is in that pictures

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