Friday, June 1, 2012

Download Windows Release preview Absolutely free

Download Windows Release preview Absolutely free

Windows 8 Microsoft didn't tell exact launching date but they release Windows 8 3rd preview called Release Preview version followed by Consumer Preview.Release preview version is free ,for 54 bit version download size is 3.3 GB and for 32 bit PC download size is 2.5 GB. Requirements is not updated same requirement as consumer preview.Anyway we will write.

Basic Requirements 

1GHz or Higher Processor
1GB RAM for 32 bit PC and 2 GB for 64 bit PC
16 GB for 32 bit and 20GB for 64 bit PC
Internet Access
1024 x 768 screen resolution to access Windows store and other metro apps

Additional *not required

Touch screen
High speed Internet
Backup disk

Windows 8 next generation Operating system even though it look like Windows 7 ,it has many features for Tablets and Touch interface.Windows 8 add many metro apps for Internet and social networking,chating etc..

Games like Train,Angry Bird and more available on Windows 8.You can use Windows 8 tab as a fun device.We download apps like Bible,Evernote,Games Windows 8 give us a extreme experience.We use almost all Operating system except Apple OS Windows 8 give a new experience.

Why Windows 8 

After Windows 95 Microsoft trust in Windows 8.Because Windows 95 changes OS concept in Past.Microsoft want to repeat again.

Main features of Windows 8 is it's metro apps and touch desktop.It is the first Windows Operating system for Tablets and Personal Computers.

Windows 8 come with new Internet Explorer 10 which has two version on Winodws 8 , an ordinary version and a metro version.We prefer metro version while chating watching films because it has full screen view.There is no top bar.

There is no default start menu for windows 8.If you  need to open a Program that does't have Desktop short cut you need to remember some shortcuts for faster access.Otherwise come to Metro Desktop then scroll your Mouse wheel.

Hint;Click here for Windows 8 shortcuts

Multiple users

Windows 8 add many features for multiple users.Image/Picture passwords available.There is no need of Login off.Get Metro desktop and click on your Name/username.Select another users name.Simple and fast.Check our videos for more details.

We will add new details soon.keep touch with us.

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