Friday, June 1, 2012

Download ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal Daily Build version

Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal next major release from Ubuntu .Ubuntu 12.10 dialy build version is now available for testing.If you have  interest in testing ubuntu you can download and test.You can publish your review here.

As we know that Ubuntu 12.10 ....xx.10 versions didn't have any big changes.Only have updates of software's.Sometime there may some replacement like Banshee replacewith RhythumBox ..similar changes.

Ubuntu 12.10 daily build need DVD or USB disk's because it's size more than 700MB so you need USB disk.

 This is symbol for Ubuntu 12.10 .From ubuntu 11.04 there are only  minor desktop changes.Same unity theme with slight difference.slight means slight external looks.Internally they add many things like Music lens,Video lens,Wikipedia lens.But i told about the interface.

Major problem of Ubuntu is Power/Battery management ,there is no specific battery management software.In Windows PC's manufactures give batter Battery/Power saving software's.

All ubuntu need 3rd party software like Gstream or mp3 codecs to play Music and Videos.I don't like this because we need to download software again.but some linux mint (almost all except RC versions) come with adobe flash and 3rd party apps.

Ubuntu take only a few seconds to boot this is a advantage over Windows 7 because windows 7 need more time.Live USB/DVD option is good we can test/check it before installation.We didn't download ubuntu 12.10 so we haven't more information's. If you want to write a guest post based on Ubuntu 12.10 you can write here.

External links for Ubuntu 12.10 daily builds

Ubuntu 12.10 32 bit version -x86 

Ubuntu 12.10 32 bit version

Ubuntu 12.10 64 bit version -x64 

Ubuntu 12.10 64 bit version 

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