Friday, June 15, 2012

Download Skype 4 for Linux/Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Debian

Skype is a free Video /Audio Chating software ,also support upto 200 peoples  and 25 peoples in a conference calls.It is totally free over Internet.We can make calls via Skype at very low cost,30-40% of your actual calls.Skype previously support only to Windows and Mac later they release Linux versions also.Latest Version of Skype is Skype 4 .Skype 4 support full screen Video chating and also has good interface.Latest version of Skype compatible with Internet TV ,that is you can Install Skype on your TV.You can also use it with your Existing TV ,normal TV's also support but you need a Web Cam and Skype ready blue ray player.You need only Rs 7250 to buy a Philips device.To know more details of Skype TV's click here and to get more details of skype supported devices click here (

Skype for Linux support Ubuntu ,Linux Mint ,Debian ,OpenSUSE ,Fedora almost all major variants.Ubuntu users must download debian (.deb format and not Debian download) version ( skype for Ubuntu 10.10)..Fedora ,OpenSUSE users, you can download Fedora 32 bit version and OpenSUSE 32 bit version.

After the Download ,Click on skype's .deb package file  and install the package.Ones installation completed close your windows.Then Goto Menu and click on Internet submenu,Most probable you can see skype icon there.

Sign in first, then select your favorite friends from list and start chating.

Skype 4 main windows 

Skype Full screen support

Previous versions's didn't had Full screen support,but latest version has full screen support.Quality of Video and audio improved but for HD video calling you need Windows version.HD support is not available on Linux version.

Other Features 

Facebook support and Facebook calling
Improved user interface
Full screen Video chatting
Support upto 200 People in a Video chat
Support upto 25 people Conference call
Better Business and Home users support

Chat during Video/audio calls:You can also chat with your friends.

Skype Chatting screen.

Overall it is a good software for Video/Audio calls and Phone calls.

Download Skype 4 for Linux

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Wow It is very Good & useful update regarding Skype software, Skype is very good software for free video calling, thanks for sharing news.


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