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Download Free Opera 12 Browser:- Browse web site with lightning speed

Opera release it's Next Generation Browser called Opera 12.Past few month's this version has been available as Alpha version.Now release as final version.Opera Web browser has lot of new features.They first introduced speed Dial technology and all other browsers copy this feature.Opera is Popular  ,but they  remains the 4th position.Internet Explorer,Chrome,Firefox are the top three browsers.But in Mobile segment opera has a huge share.

Opera 12 has  no visible changes from Opera 11.50.The Red menu button changed to white (not exact white) and more beautiful.I like opera because it has a number of beautiful themes and addons.

Opera next 12 web browser
Opera 12 next web browser

Number "1" shows the beautiful opera menu.Both Private and common browsing is possible.You can open New Tab/Windows as Private or common.Private browsing will protect your browsing.Number "2" indicate Navigation bar where we can see Turbo ,Sync and Panels.Number 3 shows Speed Dial settings,where we can change skin ,number of speed dials and also we can add new speed dials.

Down arrow on top of the windows shows previously closed Tabs

One of the best features is you can search your keywords on address bar just like we saw in Google chrome.

Opera instant search
 Above image will show what we actually mean.You can search your keyword on Address bar and you will get instant search result from Google.This not a new feature but it is good for users.

In the otherside opera improve turbo technology ,now you can browser more faster than other browser's.but this technology show real only in slow connection,if you have fast internet connection you don't feel anything.

In Opera 12 ,opera used Bing as default Home search engine.But when you type keyword on address bar it uses Google .As mentioned earlier one of the main attractive feature is it's theme,they are number of beautiful themes available,we can say that only browser that has beautiful themes.hat’s why Opera 12 has introduced themes, the easiest, fastest way to customize the look of your browser. With hundreds of themes available, and more added each day, you can always express your personal style. Browse the full gallery here.

Download Themes 

Security and Synchronization 

It follow all security measures.Opera 12 overhauled our famous security badge to make it easier to understand the security and privacy policies of the sites you visit. You can quickly see if a site is using your location information or wants to turn on your webcam.

Opera Security system is brilliant and it indicate information's of a website whether it is a Phishing or Malware site.We can see this on address bar.It  protect your online transaction and help secure payment.It shows whether a site is secure or not.Please check below image.It provide better security when compared with other browsers.

Sync help to manage your bookmark and other information's.If you have Mobile phone,Tablets,Computer ,Sync help to get all bookmark and information's to all of your devices.

Turbo Speed

It give lightning speed  when  browsing.Opera Turbo give compressed web page instead of original page.Only  less data to download.So speed will increase.

68% data was saved!

Widgets -Plugins-Extras 

All your Plugins are work seperately ,if you remember Google chrome OS  every website work seperately if any crash to any website that doesn't cause anything to browser ,still we can browse except crashed website.Like this Opera 12 plugins work seperatly if any crash to any plugins doesn't kill our browser,you can continue from where you stand.

Opera also modify it's HTML 5,CSS3 and java script engine,

Here are the more changes

Support for the Do Not Track header
CSS3 Animations and Transitions
HTML5 Drag and Drop
Support for CORS — not the beer, but rather Cross-Origin Resource Sharing
Right-to-Left (RTL) Script Support Added
Improved language support (Persian, Urdu, Hebrew, and Arabic).
Window and Tabs API

Download Opera 12

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