Friday, June 29, 2012

Chrome Box :A true Copy of Mac Mini

Chrome Box has been rattling around the geek community for a couple of days.Chrome box is a mini computer, launched at Google I/O 2012. Chrome box is yet another BYODKM computer, an equivalent to Apple Mac mini. What distinguishes both the systems are primarily the OS, Chromebox comes with chrome OS, google's web based operating system, while mac mini is shipped with OSX Lion. Yet another striking difference is google's decision to completely rely on cloud storage and hence provides no internal storage while mac mini does.

Samsung Chrome Box 

Chrome Box is a Home/Office computer and is BYODKM ie Bring Your Own Display Keyboard and Mouse(Coined by Steve Jobs at launch of apple mac mini).Chrome Box is compatible with HDMI, VGA, DVI which distils down to, you can connect it with virtually any display device, PC monitor, LCD TV, HDTV, Projectors and what not.  Chrome box which is essentially a mobile CPU promises its users convenience of high portability as you can carry them with you anywhere and have "My own PC" experience anwhere,anytime.

Chrome Box compatible with HDMI,DVI and VGA.VGA and DVI are common in all Monitors ,If you need more picture Quality you can use HD Monitor with Chrome Box.

I don't know why they add 6 USB 2 port notice the point it is not USB 3 standard .Apples Thunderbolt port provide transfer speed more than 10 Gbps.In the case of  External Data Transfer Google Chrome Box far beyond than  Apple Mac mini.
Apple Mac Mini
Both Computer's use Intel Dual core processor's .Chrome Box is different from it's predecessor Chrome Book  in the Performance.Dual core processor and 4GB RAM is enough to drive any Hard items.Mac Mini stands on the higher side than Chrome Box when compared on its Wireless connectivity features. Mac mini has Bluetooth 4 while chrome Box has only Bluetooth 3 support.Other connectivity options WiFi and Ethernet are similar in both Device.Chrome book give some more protection than Mac mini .

mintBox is another  baby in BYODKM Family.mintBox is a Linux Based device with similar hardware specifications.mintBox also shipped with Dual core processors but here is a different, instead of Intel Processors they use AMD processor with more RAM (8GB).mintBox has 2 USB 3 standard port and 2 eSATA port where we can connect external Hard Disks.

All other features almost similar in these three devices.

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