Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Android 4.1 Jelly Beans new Features

Google today announce it latest Android version called Jelly Beans .Jelly Bean much faster than Ice Cream Sandwich.Another Features is Voice Typing.We can Type using voice .Just tell words to Android device.It will automatically type for you.You an send message while you are driving.

Google Jelly Bean support Voice search just like siri in Apple Iphone.It speak back to you.It will answer our questions by Voice -Exactly same as SIRI.

Android Jelly bean 4.1

Google Now 

Latest technology for Mobile devices.It uses GPS technolgy which tell about current traffic and  time of next bus.For example it will tell you when next bus will come and when you need to start your journey.
It will tell latest live news of your favorite sports team.

For Developers 

Jelly Bean SDK now available in android developer site as preview version.Another Developer Kit also released with SDK ,this is called Platform Developer Kit -PDK- for Hardware manufactures.SDK is for software and PDK for Hardware.

Another interesting feature is about Magazines and books,Jelly bean loaded with an amazing application to read and store your Magazines.

Our Findings

Android Jelly Bean device only available in Mid July.So we didn't have any device to test the OS.We watch Google key note which has happened today and got many features.

Incredible Faster than Android IceCream Sandwich

Every new Device will be powerful than it's predecessor ,Android Jelly Beans is powerful and faster than previous version.Android jelly bean introduce tripple buffering pipeline technology which make incredible faster and smoother than other versions.Tripple Buffering is a technology used in Graphics Pipeline,so will get smoother response,animations and other special effects in your Device.
Android Jelly Bean home Screen

Some of our Device shows lagging while we are scroll down the page or during Games.The latest version try to remove it to an extend.Using CPU boost technology now everything smoother while you have a low power device.

Notifications:This is another area where Google made slight differences.Apps can now displays larger,richer notifications.When any notifications coming it will resize current running app window and shows notifications more clearly.One of newest feature is Photo notifications,you will get Photo notifications along with ordinary notifications.

Three type of template notifications styles are available

1.BigTextStyle:A notification that include a multiple text view object

2.BigInboxStyle:A notifications that shows any kind of list such as message,heading and so on

3.BigPictureStyle:A notification that display pictures

Jelly beans notification settings

ReSizable app Widget

We thought that this feature seemed to be from Windows metro Desktop,In Windows we have two or three mathods available to resize a widget.Widget are automaticall resize depepnd upon where they are placed on the Home screen.

Resizable widget in Android 4.1
Smart app Update

In Android 4 or in older version's apps are updated entirely but using smart update technology it update only a part of software that changed.So we can save our data usage over internet.

GCM is also known as Google Clould Messaging:

Google Cloud Messaging is free for users and developers.Developers can send short messages to users who use there applications.This tool will connect between Developers and it's users.We use the word "Users" because many users became a app developer's.

Updated Web Browsers 

Google didn't told whether jelly beans has new browsers or old with new update.Anyway latest web browser support HTML 5,CSS 3 etc..Updated Java engine will give a better javascript rendering.

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