Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pre Order/Download NFS Most Wanted 2 Game 2012

NFS Most Wanted a big Hit in 2005 ,EA sports now ready to launch new Most Wanted series .EA sports upcoming game may be Most Wanted 2 .Current game is NFS RUN.Pre Order for NFS most wanted is started.You can Pre order it from BT Game.

We collect a statement from South African Online Game Retailer from Wikipedia.According to this statement.

"On April 8, 2012, South African-based online retailer BTGames, the retailer that listed the existence of Jak and Daxter Collection, listed both Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2 and Dead Space 3 for pre-order"

It give the infromation of NFS Most Wanted 2.There are no Humour from EA sports websites and Blogs.But we hope that NFS MW2 will come ....

As we know NFS MW is a Driving and racing Game.Free run is available in this Game.Cop and other Features make this Game more Attractive.We can destroy Huge Water Tanks to destroy Police vechicle.MW we get more control over Cars.It easy to handle.We thought that MW2 will better than MW1.We hope that release may happen at the end of this year.

Lot of other games also releasing soon.The Amazing spider Man,Batman ,Hitman  ,Maxpyane.So keep touch with us we will give free Demo versions.

Pre Order Need For Speed Most Wanted 2

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UGC NET CSIR Coaching said...

The privious NFS most wanted is my fav. one game and I took 6 month to complete this one. NFS Most wanted 2  must be more interesting one.

M.M. Enterprises said...

Wow, thanks for sharing nice game of  NFS most wanted game i like your efforts. 


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