Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nokia Will launch New Range of Smart Phones and Tablets soon

Nokia chairman on Thursday told to Financial Time that Nokia will launch a range Tablets and New Range of Smart phone soon.Nokia Chairman Jorma Ollila told that Nokia loss it's Smartphone segment  and listed second.Samsung and Apple sold more number of Smartphone in last 3 Years.Asia and Africa are the two Markets for Nokia.In all other places Samsung and Apple sell more Phones.In smart phone segment Apple remain first and Iphone 5 will available soon.

Because of changing market Nokia need a new start....Tablets and Smartphones are very important in new world.Most of people wanted to buy a Smartphone than a Ordinary phone.But in India most of the people buy smartphone as a Luxury product.

At the end of this month Nokia will launch a set low cost Lumia Tablets and a set of Lumia Smartphones.Nokia Lumia 610 is a low cost Smartphone which is the first one in this segment ,a number of low cost product arrive at the end of this year.

Windows phone is default Mobile OS in these phones,But you can expect Symbian phones too.Tablet is based on Windows 8 RT.

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