Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lose 10 Pounds A Week – A Definite Guide For Bloggers

Are you struggling to lose weight? 

The other day, a friend wrote me and complained that he’s gaining more weight than expected. I asked how and what went wrong, but no justifiable reason was given.

Weight loss programs are all over the place with fancy themes and templates are available online. If you truly want to lose 10 pounds in one week, you’ve to do things different.

As a blogger or internet marketer, I think it’s wrong to get so engrossed with writing, networking and money making and ignore your health. Obesity can result in a more dangerous health issues like Stroke, Internal Disorders et al. I want to quickly show you the some simple ways to lose 10 pounds starting today.

Note that these tips aren’t set on stone. You’re not mandated to implement them. It’ll not work overnight and solve your entire problems, but it definitely would work if you persevere.

Track Your Calories and Exercises

If you want to lose 10 pounds a week, then start tracking every step you take.
Tracking your calories and exercises are the wisest things to do. Get accountable and write down what you observed. 

The only way to get focus and abide by the instructions given is when you track. Whatever you’ve on paper and ink cannot be denied or neglected. It makes you serious and credible.

Track the foods you eat and the various exercises you’re involved in. If you research carefully, there are great Smartphone apps to help keep abreast of events happening during the course of dieting and working-out.

Enjoy Snack on Veggies

I’m sure you would like Snack on Veggies. It’s a nice meal that saves 100s of calories a day and recommended to help you lose weight quickly. Snacks like chips and candy bars are not healthy for losing weight, so stick with ‘veggies’ for the time-being.

To make your Veggies tasteful, toss cucumber slices with Barbecue spices to produce a better taste and nutrition. Veggies are exceptional bodybuilding meal and it works.

Use Berries in Your Smoothie

Another way to walk closer to losing 10 pounds a week is to use berries in protein shakes instead of banana. You should try raspberries since it contains 8grams of fiber, while one banana has 2grams. And you need fiber to live a healthy life, feel alive and reduce excessive cravings.

Exercising regularly and eating healthy breakfasts can lift your physique to a cherished level. But you’ve got to keep at it, no giving up and no complaints. Real success doesn’t happen overnight, it takes hard work to achieve success.

Weight Lose Takeaway

Walking to a nearby grocery store is another form of exercise to do. This time, increase your pace and sweat, if you can. Don’t board a Taxi, take a walk and within 7 days, there would be significant changes in your body system and weight. Bistromd promotion codes and diettogo web code are essential discount deals for you - check them out before placing orders.

Whether you’re a blogger, a social media examiner or a weight loss enthusiast, the tips above can help you lose 10 pounds within a short while. See you at the top!

Image Credit: weightlossdietwatch

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