Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How to add beautiful Speed Dial Feature in Google chrome Browser

Speed Dial make browsing more easier.When you open your  Browser you  can see speed dial page.You can customize speed dial with your  favorite web pages.In Google chrome you can add speed dial tool.Speed Dial extension on Google chrome offer number of new features like Custom Background,Speed Dial logos etc...

How to install Speed Dial in Google chrome

1.Install Speed Dial  Extension

2.Click on Options for customization

3.Number of Dials: Set Number of Rows and Columns as your wish

Dials distance:Adjust distance between speed dials

Background image:Give address/url of favorite image.

Themes:Select color theme

save and close

4.Come back to Speed Dial page.Click on Empty Dial.Then add Address link,Logo and Name of Speed Dial

Add more speed dials.

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inkjet said...

Wow, its very easy to add speed dial features. I never think about it as easy as you describe above. thanks for sharing this valuable tutorial. 

M.M. Enterprises said...

Wow, so great & very easy step for speed dial features, it is working very cool i like your efforts and different aspects. 

robigohan said...

Hi there I have a problem. I want to make 2 collumns on speed dial but it only appears 3. I dont like 3 collumns.
How do I make 2 collumns >?


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