Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Glary Utilities System Optimizer

System Optimizer software is very important,most of the Optimization tools are free ,some software also helps to remove malware,virus etc.Windows optimizers increase speed of the system by free up your disk,deleting unwanted files and deleting broken reg and files.

Glary utilities is a simple optimizer(size 8MB)


1.Registry Clean
2.Temporary Files Cleaner
3.Shortcut Fixer
4.Track Erazer
5.Spyware Remover
6.Startup Manager

Glary Utilities protect our system from various spyware attack.main features of this software are Registry clean,Temporary file cleaner,Disk defragmenter.These three process increase our system speed.Tracck erazer clean your Recent History it delete the details of previously played Videos,It clean previously visited website etc.So you can completely hide your private details.

Defragmenter defragment your system.Fragmented files reduce system speed.It also give details of your system ,How much RAM you have,HDD ,Which processor you have?Which Graphics driver.So we think that it is a good tool for Windows Operating system.

Support:Windows 8,Wondows 7,Windows XP,Windows Vista

Download Glary Utilities 

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