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10 Ways to Make a Weight Loss Blog More Attractive to Advertisers

Today weight loss is one of the biggest niches in the blogging arena. Many people who are going through a weight loss process maintain a journal via their blog, where they share the ups and downs of their blogging journey. 

Other than just sharing experience or trying to get support, these bloggers are not interested in making money from their blogs. 

This is just fine, given the fact that dieting companies, like Medifast and Nutrisystem do recommend blogging as a means of finding encouragement and support.

However, many bloggers create content for the purpose of facilitating ads and making money, and if you are one of them, this article gives you 10 ways to just that.

1.       Have an “Advertise with Us” banner on your weight loss blog

This is the most important step; it should link to your advertising information, including rates and contact info. Ensure your banner is a graphical image or a tab and placed above the fold for ease of access. 

I've used this strategy several times on my niche blogs and currently, on my coupon site where I review the latest medifast coupons codes, weight loss programs for elites and discount code for nutrisystem. Having an "Advertise with Us" banner works to attract savvy advertisers.

2. Point to your banners
If you are not currently running paid ad placements on your weight loss blog, it may be a good idea to put up house or partner ads in the same place you would run your paid ad. A house ad directs to banners for other products you are promoting or refers to other sites you own.

3. Ensure your ads are specific to diet & weight loss
There is a higher chance of people clicking on ads relative to your content. Choose appropriate weight loss related programs and services.

4. Make your weight loss blog stats visible
It is attractive to show some basic statistics about your blog, especially the total monthly visitors and total number of impressions. Alexa Rank and Google PR stats are another option to make visible to your readers.

5. Don’t use Google AdSense on your weight loss blog
Google AdSense devalues your blog when you plan to sell ad space.  Even if you are making some money from AdSense, I would ask you to consider doing something that generates some real sizeable revenue rather than meagre scraps of income from Google.

6. Know your readers with demographic information
Get to know your weight loss blog readers by doing surveys and polls of gender/age/geographic area/single or married/number of children, etc. It might be a good idea to run a survey about diet products and weight loss secrets that your readers have found invaluable to share with all your readers. It may even create product ideas that you can promote or advertise. You can also receive detailed statistics from or ComScore.

7. Create an ‘About Us’ page
Potential advertisers like to know who owns the blog, they like a face to the name and why you are an authority on writing about diet and weight loss topics. Explain who you are, what your blog is about and why you are blogging your experiences. 

8. Keep your weight loss blog content relative
Advertisers look for niche related sites and blogs to place ads on. Keep your focus group in mind, write about weight loss issues, appropriate diet and exercise advice, etc.

9. Keep your blog professional
Advertisers like to place ads on blogs that have a professional air to them. It is important not to run down other weight loss programs or diets that you are not promoting. Remain professional in your reviews and keep personal rants off your blog.

10. Place a Free Bonus Ad
You can reap some benefits from placing free advertising on your weight loss blog. You may receive paid advertising from that company as a result or encourage similar competitors to the product you are promoting. 

In return for the free space on your diet and weight loss blog, ask the company to disclose the performance of your advertising campaign, so you are aware of total clicks and conversion rates.

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