Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Windows 8 shortcut keys for Easy Use

Windows 8 give a new experience to Windows users.It use Windows 7's core but interface is new,metro style desktop is new to all users.Windows menu is replaced with Metro .So it give some difficult to first time users.These are some keyboard shortcuts that make winodows 8 is  easy.

Windows logo means WinKey.Key with Windows logo

Windows logo  =Windows metro Desktop

Windows logo + R = Run

Windows logo + Q = Metro apps search  menu

Windows logo + W = Settings

Windows logo + E = My Computer /Explorer

 Windows logo +U = Easy access center

Windows logo +I = More PC settings/Control Panel+ Personalisation +PC info

Windows logo +P =  Second screen ( PC monior + Projector or other External Monitor )

Windows logo +F = File search

Windows logo +H = Share

Windows logo +L = Lock screen

Windows logo +X = All options as ordinary Winodws menu

Windows logo + C = Windows 8 Search/Device/Start/Share/Device/Settings 

Windows logo + 1/2/3/....= Depending upon number of application Pin to Taskbar.

1= First application pinned to Taskbar -By default it is Internet Explorer 

2= By default Explorer 

3=Depending upon your installed applications  listed in Taskbar

Alt+ TAB  =Switch Between Applications/Task

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M.M. Enterprises said...

Wow, interested & Amazing post man, this is very useful for shortcut key information with Window-8 Keyboard, thanks for sharing nice post.


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