Sunday, April 1, 2012

Twitter Deck for Professional Bloggers and Tweetters

For Bloggers and Techies..Twitter is very important.Bloggers get latest news from Others tweets.Others means famous bloggers like Mashable,C-net etc...But in our Twitter home page...1000 tweets appear per seconds.So it is very difficult to find favorite tweets or tweets from different tweeters.

Twitter Deck solve our all problems.Twitter Deck is a dedicated application for  Twitter.For Tablets and other Touch devices it give a beautiful experiance.

Features of Twitter Deck

Only for Twitter

Column:Column means we can create columns for each Tweeters.For example we can create a column for C-net.So ,in that column only tweets from cnets will appear.No other tweets.

In above picture ,we can see different columns for Cnet,Mashable,Techcrounch etc..These columns cotains only there tweets.

Home:Home contains all tweets ,your tweets,followers tweets.It just like your Twitter home page.

Me:Your tweets only.You can verify your tweets.It shows your all tweets.

Mentions:Which give a details of other tweeters who mention you on on there tweets.

There much more features.Just download and enjoy it.This only for professional tweeters.

Download Twitter Deck

First you need to create a account on Twitter deck.

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