Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sony PlayStation 4 code named as Orbis release before christmas 2013

Sony PlayStation 4  Specification Leaked

Sony Playsation  most solded game console in the world.It will release next generation Playstation soon .New Playstation 4 code named as Orbis.Orbis powered by AMD A8-3850 APU with ATI Radeon HD 7670 GPU.AMD A8 -3850 is a powerful CPU with 2.9 GHz processor speed.It has 4 MB L2 cache.Inbuilt Graphics memory is HD 6550D ,a new technology from AMD.This inbuilt memory can play games at lower specifications.2.9GHz processor speed is enough to play all 3D games like Battle field and crisis .

Other Specifications

Dirext x 11:AMD A8 3850 support Direct  X 11 support.Latest version

4 core: This processor has 4 cores ,so you will have great Multimedia and Gaming performance.

DDR3:DDR 3 clock speed 1866

Both Graphics Inbuilt and Dedicated give a better gaming performance.AMD Radeon™ HD 7670 Graphics is rebranded version of HD 6670.HD 6670 is used in Xbox 720.AMD Graphics processors are better than Nvidia GPU.Radeon™ HD 7670 Graphics support Eyefinity technology.AMD Eyefinity multi monitor technology give ultimate visual experience.

Radeon™ HD 7670 Graphics supports

Direct x 11
Shader Model 5
HDR texture compression
OpenGL  4.1

and more...........

New Playstation 4 available before Christmas 2013.It release before next Xbox

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