Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mountain Lion Transformation pack /skin pack for Windows 8 32 bit consumer preview

Windows 8 consumer preeview is a beta version of Windows 8.Windows 8 consumer preview  has all features of Winodws 8.This is a Transformation pack for Windows 8.

Moutain lion is a new Operating system after Mac OSX Lion ,It is Develper preview stage.It add some features from iOS ,Apple's Ipad/iphone OS.

Download Moutain Lion tranformation pack for Windows 8

For Windows 8 64 bit processor

Image preview

Moutain Lion Transformation pack for Windows 8

Restart if menu is not work.We experience some problem

1.Menu is not changed ,get only default Windows 8 menu
2.metro desktop is not changed
3.Sound changed to Moutain lion
4.System became slow.Install this on Fast computers

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M.M. Enterprises said...

Fantastic tips with free link for Window 8 to beta version, i like your update.


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