Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How to Customize Windows 8 metro style background

How to Customize Windows 8 metro style background

Windows 8 is a new Operating system,it's final release sheduled in October.Windows 8 has Metro style .We can customize this background using resource hacker.

Windows 8 metro background

This is a Ordinary metro background

Windows 8 edited

This is simple preview of Windows 8 after editing

How to edit Windows 8 metro style

Open Windows 8 Directory.Windows---System32---imagers.dll file

Open it using Resource Hacker

You can see 4510,4511,4512,4513 etc....

First  Download a good wallpaper

4510---1033 is 188 x 188 png file ,resolution is 188 x188 pixel.Resize your wallpaper to
188 x188.Resize your wallpaper to 188 x 188 resolution and save it.

Click on Action (On top bar)

Replace other Resources

Select a PNG file (Your Wallpaper resized 188 x188)

Resource Type:PNG

Resource Name: 4510

If you edit 4512 then it's name 4512,if you modify 4514 then name it as 4514

Then click on Replace

4511 is 2000 x400 pixel file
4512 is 3000 x 600
4513 is 3500 x 800 pixel
4514 is 896 x 674 pixel file

Resize your wallpaper to above size (resolution) and save it.

Edit all file you should keep the file size and resolution .

After editing save it .

Restart your computer select any Linux OS ,copy imagers.dl file to System32 folder.When you save your file you will get two files


You can use Imagers.old.dll as  backup.Renamed it as imagers.dll and copy to System32 folder.On Windows 8 and Windows 7 you can't copy this file.Use other operatins sysytem to copy this file

if you have any problem please ask to me.

 Resource Hacker 

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Anonymous said...

I guest you have used the Consumer Preview release... I couldn't find "Windows---System32---imagers.dll" just "imageres.dll", and opening it with Resource Hacker brings up a lot of png resources, but not the ones you mention. Also I think it's a much more difficult to replace these colored theme based backgrounds.

sibin xavier said...

Reply@: Yes i used Windows 8 Developer Preview.

Anonymous said...

Horrible advice... Why not just use classic shell to customize it? Classic shell offers a windows 8 metro bypass option

Anonymous said...

Oops forgot to leave the url for the information on classic shell to bypass windows 8 metro so you can customize it how you see fit


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