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Download PC Keeper for All in one Protection for Your PC

Download PC Keeper for All in one Protection for Your PC

PC Keeper is a advanced software for Virus and Malware removal.We said All in One because there are lot of stuffs for our computer.This software can used to Defragment our computer.Can used for Clean Temporary datas.For Checking Virus and Malwares .

PC Keeper tools

These are the Tools inbuilt on PC Keeper

Anti-Virus:World class Anti-virus software.This software listed on Top 10 Anti-virus ,in Virus Bulletin Magazine.If there is other Anti virus software ,uninstall it to perform PC Keeper Antivirus.

Anti-Theft:If your PC ever gets stolen, Anti-Theft will track its location and even make a webcam snapshot of the thief.Sign up first to activate this service.


Disk Cleaner:Cleans up your hard drive

Duplicate Finder:Find duplicate files that may overload your hard drive.

Disk Explorer:Spot specific files on your hard drive.

Uninstaller:Uninstall your Files.You can uninstall all files which are not by Default Windows Uninstaller.

Disk Defragmenter:Defragment your fragmented files.It is faster than Default Windows Defragmenter .It will speed up your computer.

Disk Checker:It will scan Disk for Errors.Like Bad sector or other problems.

Start Up manager:Control your start up items.You can Enable or Disable it

Data Control

File Recovery:Recover your Deleted files or Currupted files

Data Hider:Hide Files from other people.

Geek on Demand

Ask for Windows 7,Windows 8,Windows Vista,Windows XP ,Microsoft office and other Software related problems. 24 X 7 Help available.The menu in the bottom will give live chat and support for us.

We installed on our computer.It first check Files ,Clean around 150MB temporary files after that it perform Defragmantation .I like Disk Cleaner because it is very fast.Due number of software checking my comuter have lot of Temporary files ,some of them can't delete.So i use this software .I did't perfome Anti virus software because i already have Windows Defender ,inbuilt software in Windows 8.

We give 8.2/10

Anti virus - 7/10
Disk cleaner -9/10
Disk Defragmenter-8.5/10
Disk Hider- 8.7/10

Over all 8.2/10

Download PC Keeper for Windows

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